Sustainability at Material

Material Clothing is always looking for ways to be more sustainable. After all, our belief is to buy less but buy better. To make that vision a reality we must produce better, produce less.

If we can produce timeless design garments that will last you for decades to come, we help you buy less. We will never compromise on quality when it comes to garment production, fabric choices or the attention to detail. The longevity of your Material clothing is imperative to making a change for a better, more sustainable future.

Choosing the perfect fabric for your garments always takes careful consideration. The usage, purpose and aesthetic vision determines which type of fabric is used to create each item. At Material Clothing we make sure we are making the best decisions for the environment too, this includes our fabric choice. 

Material Clothing is reducing waste

Swing Tag

The first thing you do when you are happy with your garment would be to cut the thread and bin the tag without a second thought: we all do it. 

We could make this tag out of recyclable material and ask you to separate it in your household bins to recycle it. However, we should share the responsibility of what happens to this tag. 

We have made your swing tags out of seeded paper. Seeded paper is made from recycled material so no trees have been harmed directly by this paper. We have selected British wildflower seeds which are added, the paper is printed and then cut.

As this tag is made from seeded paper you can plant the tag and grow yourself some wildflowers or put the tag in your recycling bin. What is the worst that could happen: Flowers on a landfill? This swing tag will decompose and start to germinate under the correct conditions even if you accidentally placed it in the wrong bin.

We are trying to make better decisions for the environment at every stage.

String and seal

When we say we are trying to make better choices for the planet, we mean it. 

The string attaching your swing tag to your neck label is made from recycled and recyclable cotton yarn. The best part is that the seal which holds the string together is also biodegradable! 

Garment box

Luxury does not mean damaging to the environment.

Made from a thick paper board and then covered in embossed paper, the box is completely recyclable. The magnet inside is also recyclable or reusable. The build quality of these boxes means you could repurpose and reuse them.

Mailing box

To protect your garments and the garment box, we deliver your order in a mailing box. This is uncoated, un-laminated, recyclable corrugated board with our name printed on the side.  We know this will get knocked around in transport, so the real unboxing experience starts when you open this box: ENJOY!   

Other miscellaneous papers 

All of the paper used in our packaging, like our tissue paper and “Thank you" cards, are uncoated and completely recyclable.


We operate a digital invoicing system so you will not receive a paper copy. This reduces paper consumption in our business and allows you to keep your invoice safe in your emails.