Material clothings luxury box in black with white writing and logo

The Luxury Box

Introducing the luxury packaging: made from paper, designed to be reused. With a luxurious feel this box is the perfect accompaniment for your precious items: its quality materials and craftsmanship are sure to impress.

This box is crafted to be environmentally friendly with sustainability at the forefront of its construction. The design makes it a great option for eco-minded customers.

Thank you card and swing tag placed on top of luxury recylable box

Eco-concious with a luxury twist

Our seed paper swing tag and "Thank You" card is perfect for any eco-conscious shopper. The swing tag is made from seed paper so it can be planted and sprouted into wildflowers, whilst the thank you cards are made from FSC recycled paper. The swing tag is secured to your garment using a string and seal. The string is made from recycled cotton yarn and the seal is bio-degradable. The branded tissue paper is also recyclable.

Material Clothing's packaging, Two different sized mailing boxes made from cardboard. Material is printed on the side of both boxes. Royal Mail's mailing bag in the background.

Recognisable with sustainable materials

The fully recyclable postage box is designed to protect your important, luxury items. The outer tape is environmentally-friendly, utilising recyclable ink and glue for an eco-friendly solution. Keeping your items safe without any guilt never looked so good.