Made in the UK

All of our garments are made in the UK; made in England and we couldn’t be more proud.

It is so important for us to support local businesses; creating jobs, growth and opportunities in our beautiful United Kingdom. 

Manufacturing in the UK significantly decreases the milage the garments will travel. Reducing the fuel required in turn lowers the carbon footprint of our whole business.

We are never more than a couple of hours away if there is an issue or decision to be made. This is invaluable. Once the garments are made there is no risk of a container being out at sea for weeks, or stuck in customs; they are immediately ready for re-stock. 

Being able to turn up unannounced and as regular as we like means we have greater control over wastage, quality and progress of our garments. It also means we can ensure the factory is clean, safe and the workers are treated and paid fairly.

Over time we have built up a great relationship with our manufacturer as we can develop ideas together face to face.

With “Made in England” printed on your neck label, you can buy with confidence knowing quality was not compromised whilst making your item of clothing. We have a strong heritage of manufacturing and design in Britain. Join us in the pride we have in supporting British industries.