What does Material mean?

noun: material;

plural noun: materials

1.The matter from which a thing is or can be made.“goats can eat more or less any plant material”

2. Information or ideas for use in creating a book or other work.“his colonial experiences gave him material”

3. Cloth or fabric.“a piece of dark material”​

adjective: material

1. Denoting or consisting of physical objects rather than the mind or spirit. “the material world”

2. Significant; important.“the insects did not do any material damage to the crop”

What does Material mean to us?

Everything, all of the above. Material goes beyond the cloth, beyond the fabric. It’s a lifestyle, it’s the Material world we live in. 

When creating our clothing brand, the name Material Clothing had a deep meaning. There’s the obvious material your clothes are made from, which is a crucial part of the design stage by the way. We couldn’t have a name like we do and make bad fabric choices! 

Material means everything quite literally, it’s relatable, everyone will have their own interpretation of what material means to them and that was quite important to us. For example, if you work in law, material could mean the evidence you have built for or against your case. 


Our choices of material

This was narrowed down once we had decided on our first collection. We wanted to produce a non-trend led collection with wardrobe staples for all seasons. Once we decided on loungewear, we looked into what was important to us. The obvious one being comfort, but not feeling like we were creating a lazy brand or sleepwear.

Quality, weighty garments was the goal but the material had to tick all the boxes; soft, breathable and durable. Cotton did that for us but when we researched the pros and cons of cotton we found that cotton isn’t the worst, but its not the best for the environment, workers safety or ecosystems. 

We looked into other alternatives and came across organic cotton. This gave us all of the benefits of cotton with less environmental impact on the planet. Due to the nature of organic cotton and the lack of fertilisers, pesticides etc the yield is much lower. This means as a fabric, organic cotton is more expensive to buy, but we think it is worth it and want to support likeminded companies and farmers that want to make a change.

We believe as a start up fashion brand we have the opportunity to make better decisions from the get go. It isn’t just about making a profit: it is bettering the planet at the same time.

Clothing choices

Apart from being a necessity, clothing is a choice, an expression, an extension of our personality. Depending on the occasion, mood or season we require an arsenal of clothing at our disposal.This is why we believe our clothes should bemade to last. It is a collection to wear again and again. In design, the clothes should be timeless classics in tasteful colours to evolve as you do. Building a capsule wardrobe will help you reduce waste, encourage you to buy better and with the purpose of longevity. We honestly believe our loungewear collection is full of wardrobe staples with the quality you require to wear them for decades to come.It is crucial that you felt comfortable whilst looking good in our luxury loungewear formenandwomen. Fabric choice was paramount to ensure garments were soft on your skin. 

Looking smart comes with the risk you will be uncomfortable, with workwear being associated with tight fit, uncomfortable fabric, lack of stretch waistbands. These are the types of clothes we put on in the morning and don’t take off until the evening so why do we except they are uncomfortable?

At Material Clothing, we don’t except that. We have created luxury clothing with a laid back feel; soft fabric, elasticated waistbands all with a tailored fit. Looking good should feel great.