Is Loungewear Lazy Fashion?

Let’s clear something up from the start: there is a difference between lazy and comfortable.

Comfort can be defined as air quality, air temperature, quality of light, sounds and overall happiness, it’s the atmosphere, the surroundings, it’s being comfortable. Many studies have found if you get all of these right within a workplace you will have more productive employees, but why is clothing not mentioned in this? 


When creating a home, you are generating a balance of all of these components to feel comfortable; mood lighting in the living areas, brighter lights in the bathrooms, soft throws and cushions on the sofa yet hard counters and floors in the kitchen. Opening windows in spring for fresh air but the heating on in the winter. Finding zen in your house is what makes a home. You wouldn’t implement all of these measures in your home to make you comfortable and then sleep in denim jeans! 


When working from home came into its own, whether you would admit it or not you were probably in your PJs from the waist down. You wanted to be comfortable behind closed doors and look the part on zoom meetings. 


At Material Clothing we have decided this shouldn’t be a compromise: you shouldn’t have to decide between one or the other. Looking great and feeling comfortable is what you get when you chose Material Clothing. 


We use 100% Organic cotton in all of our loungewear for Women and loungewear for men, a more sustainable option to generic cotton. It uses no harmful chemicals which can affect the ecosystem, habitats and local villagers. Cotton as a whole is a great fabric to use because it is soft to touch and breathable at the same time. Our loungewear is cut from a heavy-weight organic cotton so it keeps you warm in the winter and gives you that laid back luxury feel. 


We wanted to allow multiple purposes to our loungewear collection. Even though we call this our loungewear range it doesn’t mean you can only lounge in it. During the design process some styles needed to be more of a tailored fit, others an oversized, cropped or box-fit. This means your clothes are truly versatile and can be teamed with different looks. We want you to buy less, you shouldn’t need a different t-shirt to go to the gym, out for dinner, layer under your sweater, or relaxing at home. We have created our clothes with the multi-use ethos. Buy better, buy less, buy Material Clothing.


Every design decision has you in mind. The women’s slightly cropped t-shirt and sweater is to compliment high-waisted trousers, joggers and jeans - not to show tummy. The men’s sweater allows space to layer underneath with a shirt or our organic cotton t-shirt. All of our crew neck designs across womenswear and menswear hold a strong 1inch rib neck to help hold the garment’s structure. 

We don’t see the need in creating a hoodie for men and another hoodie for women, this would potentially create more waste, in an industry that produces more than 92 million tonnes of waste every year! We want to do as much as possible to prevent that number from climbing. 


The feature of our logo is very minimal across our loungewear. With colour-matching embroidery our logo blends into your garment. We know keeping print and design to a minimum is key to it’s longevity. We want you to be proud wearing our clothes but you don’t need to shout about it. 

So let’s answer that question, is loungewear lazy fashion? 

From design to purpose, there is nothing lazy about loungewear. We want you to be the best version of you whilst wearing Material Clothing. If that’s you working from home, city hitting or relaxing do it in style and comfort.